Thought screen hats

The first real thought screens were made by Michael Menkin in 1998 and sent to people who were being abducted by aliens for testing. Successful thought screens were developed in 1999 using 3M Velostat as shielding material. Velostat is now made by DESCO Products but has the same 3M part numbers.

As of 2024 Michael Menkin made and sent over 135 thought screens to people all over the world. All funding is from his own money. It takes five hours to make a thought screen helmet and over three hours to make a thought screen baseball cap or other type of thought screen hat.

Thought screens have successfully stopped three kinds of aliens from abducting humans.

  1. The insect-like aliens which are shown on the page, Adult Drawings of aliens.
  2. Servants of the insect-like aliens who are popularly referred to as grays which are also shown on the page, Adult Drawings of aliens.
  3. Snake-skinned aliens popularly referred to as reptilians which are shown in the children's drawings.

Thought screens work by stopping telepathic communication and mental control between aliens and humans. When the aliens can't communicate, they can't take their victims.

Several types of thought screens are shown on this page. For instructions, required tools and materials used for making thought screen helmets, see For instructions on making other types of thought screen hats, contact Michael Menkin. is a public service, non-profit web site. There is nothing for sale on Michael Menkin has no relationship with any sources he recommends.

Inventor Michael Menkin wearing a thought screen helmet.

Interior of thought screen helmet showing Velostat lining.

Inventor Michael Menkin wearing thought screen baseball cap. Abductees feel more comfortable wearing this in public.

Interior of thought screen baseball cap showing Velostat telepathic shielding.

Gardener's hat, the type worn by principle artist on her way to and from school.

Interior of gardener's hat showing Velostat telepathic shielding.